Upgrade Your Negotiations With An Emotional Impact Map !


The most successful movies tend to take their audience on an emotional journey.

The technique film-makers use to design this roller-coaster ride is usually called an Emotional Impact Map (EIM).

In essence, this technique involves the development of a precise suspense curve for the movie’s storyline, charting the desired level of emotional engagement of the viewers for each and every moment of the film.

Well-crafted EIMs allow the movie-makers to catch and elegantly direct the attention of the audience, whilst providing a simple process for viewers to connect the dots and follow the plot intuitively.

In recent years we have experienced very successful results when using this EIM approach in preparing for complex sales and business negotiations.

The effects of well-designed suspense curves have included a substantial increase in the level of engagement and commitment of the parties involved, as well as significantly better, more sustainable deals.