The TCO / TCU Mystery

If you don’t fully understand how your corporate clients evaluate what you have to offer, it is virtually impossible to position your value effectively.

In recent years I have found in my sales negotiation seminars that my participants don’t have a clear understanding of how their clients apply the Total Cost of Ownership or Total Cost of Use models when evaluating products, services or solutions.

Not only do they often not know what criteria are included in their clients’ TCO or TCU model, they also don’t know how the individual criteria are weighted.

Interestingly, the risk and opportunity cost elements are probably the most overlooked and least understood items in this evaluation process. 

I have found that if sales specialists gain a better understanding of these assessment techniques, they can engage in a much deeper, much more meaningful dialogue with their corporate buyers.

This approach has helped many of my sales-coaching clients to close better deals faster.

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