Creative Conflict

Not all conflict is bad.

Actually, conflict is often a sign of strong emotional engagement.

No, I am not advocating a conflict culture like many consulting gurus out there.

And I agree that too much of a good thing can be destructive.

If you allow conflict to escalate and get out of hand, your relationships may become permanently damaged…

But if you defuse every conflict immediately in your desire to restore harmony, the energy required to make positive change happen may evaporate in the process, too. 

I usually only get really worried when things seem to have gone very quiet in my client organizations. 

If you are a parent, you probably know that you need to go and check on your kids when they have been too quiet for a long time.

Recently I have been asked by several large corporations to conduct conflict resolution workshops with their leadership teams. 

But instead of trying to defuse the conflicts they may be experiencing as quickly as possible, I ask them to leverage, focus and direct the powerful energy inherent in these conflicts in a creative manner. 

By learning how to orchestrate and manage conflict in ways that ensure a high level of emotional engagement, cognitive tension and creative energy, these business leaders are able to generate much better solutions, as well as a stronger sense of commitment and cohesiveness, with all parties involved.