Elegance Puts You Back In Control

The glamorous world of glossy magazines and celebrity designers makes fashion feel like fun, whilst dictating what is in or out, what is hot or not, explaining to us in colorful detail all of the current must haves, and the no-goes. 

Fashion dictates act as social norms most of us try very hard to comply with, in order to belong to the in crowd.

We all want to be invited to the party, and the fashion gurus will tell us what we need to buy, be and do, in order to make the list.

The fashion industry essentially caters to our need for social acceptance, inclusion, safety and survival, whilst at the same time providing us with a sense of orientation and direction, a way for us to navigate the minefields of the social context we live in. 
Fashion will even help us to define our own identity, maybe as a Cosmo-girl, an Armani-guy, or would you prefer to be a sophisticated Prada-lady?

Fashion does an incredible job at pleasing the masses, providing a sensation of freshness and novelty through the updated styles, designs and color schemes the industry propagates every season, along with the perfect excuse for us to shop until we drop, feathering our nest with fun new things, activating our feel-good hormones, whilst keeping us temporarily amused and distracted.

Fashion provides a feel-good factor, whilst the shopping fix lasts, making sure we are supported by our local dealers with fix after fix, keeping us happy in a permanent fashion high.

Most major media companies support this fun factor by cooperating closely with the fashion police, catching fashion offenders red-handed and exposing their crimes publicly, whilst providing us with perfect examples and photoshopped images of celebrities doing the right thing. The industry knows that fashion addicts respond well to social conditioning and mind-control.

Fashion provides a relatively safe way of having fun, as long as you comply and fit in.

Fashion is even more fun, when you get to create and dictate the norms, I am sure.

As Coco Chanel said:

“I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.”

The high priests of fashion wield an incredible amount of power and influence, not just within their own business empires. Their social impact is often world-wide, affecting more than just how we dress and paint ourselves. The media and marketing specialists make sure the fashion industry continues to make more money by ensuring that you and I toe the line.

However, if you scratch the surface of this glossy industry, you may find there is nothing beneath it. It is in many respects purely superficial, devoid of meaning or substance, keeping us in a permanent high, but never providing us with any true, lasting sense of satisfaction.

We are conditioned to live from one fix to the next, in order to forget the pain caused by the hole in our soul.

Interestingly, it seems that when we allow inner healing to take place and become whole, we no longer need the fashion fix. Making our own choices and becoming true to ourselves provides a much richer, more fulfilling life-experience than what fashion has to offer. Coco Chanel nailed it when she said, “beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

This unique, individual, personal type of beauty emanates a powerful sense of grace, poise, style, inner calm, and an irresistible attractiveness. Such elegant beauty emerges when individuals take back ownership of their lives and make healthy decisions on a daily basis. The fashion industry may try to persuade you not to go down this route, threatening to excommunicate you, if you do.

Elegance would invite you to take back control and get in the driver’s seat.

As Isabella Rossellini said: “Elegance is the manifestation of an independent mind.”