Prevent Your Eclipse!

Did you know that your blind spot may be preventing you from achieving truly satisfying success?
In medicine, your blind spot is the place in the visual field which corresponds to the lack of light-detecting photoreceptor cells on the optic disc of the retina in your eyes. The brain interpolates the missing input-data which should be received in the area of your blind spot based on data gained from the surroundings, as well as information from the other eye, so that we are usually not aware of the blind spot’s existence.

But most of us have a blind spot at the core of our being which affects our business and our private life in a much more serious manner. Our past experiences have shaped and cemented our beliefs, assumptions, and expectations of how the world works to such an extent, that we have literally become blind to what is really going on in and around us.

We interpolate, making assumptions about what is going on around us, based on factors we are no longer conscious of, driven by forces at work in our blind spot which are no longer under our control.

In fact, these subconscious factors control us.

Sometimes they may protect us from harm.

And, come to think of it, most of these subconscious programs were probably originally created to help, support and protect us!

But they may also prevent us from making the necessary changes happen today.

More often than not, they will sabotage our ability to make effective decisions to change our life and our business for the better. I see these forces in the blind spot at work virtually every time I coach corporate clients, executives and business owners, although they are usually not consciously aware of what is going on under the surface. Having said that, most of my clients state that they sense a need to address these subconscious forces, which often prevent true success from happening.

So, what size is your personal blind spot?

You probably have no clue.

Most people don’t

In my coaching work with executives and business owners, I frequently find that this blind spot is quite large and powerful. Sometimes it can become so strong, that it may overshadow all of your positive achievements.

In these moments of self-sabotage your moon may eclipse your sun.

Your blind spot moves in front of your sweet spot and prevents you from succeeding.

If you find yourself sabotaging your ability to succeed, you may want to learn how to turn your blind spot into your sweet spot!

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