Find Your Kefi!

I met a young man whose heartfelt desire and fondest dream was to one day become a world famous pianist. 

He had a grand piano. 

He worked with the best teachers. 

He practiced for hours on end. 

His technique was awe-inspiring. 

His renditions of even the most challenging pieces of music were perfect.

But listening to him was a heartbreaking experience.

That “je ne sais quoi” was missing.

There was no emotion, passion or joy in his music.

He failed to touch the soul.

He knew something was missing, so he worked even harder, perfecting his technique even further, taking on every opportunity he could to play on stage. But he could not make the magic happen.

I meet so many people in the business world who started out with great expectations, ready to take the world by storm. But over the years, they were cut down to size, they lost their joy and find themselves going through the motions, just as in the film My Life in Ruins, when the Greeks say that Georgia, the main protagonist, has lost her Kefi. One of my executive coaching clients told me that despite all of his business and financial success, he felt that his life had become too mono-dimensional, monochrome, lacking true satisfaction.

What he wanted was to fully experience and enjoy life again in all of its vibrant colors. He wanted to feel the magic again.

In other words, he was looking for his Kefi!

Kefi describes a spirit of intense joy, passion, and enthusiasm. When you experience Kefi, your body, spirit and soul may become so overwhelmed with joy that you find yourself dancing on the beach with abandon like Zorba the Greek.

Whether we realize it or not, deep down in our being, we may really all be seeking for those magical moments. And all the money, possessions and success in the world can’t buy you your Kefi.

Conventional wisdom teaches us to get all the toys we can

Upside-down wisdom invites us to play

Joy, happiness, a deep sense of wellbeing, significance, and satisfaction are ultimately more important than any toys, trinkets and trophies you can accumulate before the whole game goes back into the box at the end of your life.

Allow your heart to speak to you about how you can find your Kefi tonight.

What is it telling you?