Reduce To The Max !

Lao Tzu said that in order to acquire knowledge, you need to add something every day.

As hunters and gatherers of knowledge, we are all focused on life-long learning and sharpening the saw every day.

We attend courses, seminars, workshops, join universities and have turned ourselves into a continuous improvement project.

But then Lao Tzu went on to say that in order to acquire wisdom, you need to let go of something every day.

We need to unlearn.

We need to let go of much of our old knowledge-baggage.

We need to let go of knowledge we acquired in the past that is holding us back, preventing us from moving forward and creating real breakthrough success.

Indeed, we may find that the majority of knowledge-items we took on board in the past, through our formal education, through socialization or even through the advice of well-meaning parents and friends, will prevent us from fulfilling our true personal potential.

Old, often inappropriate values, norms, beliefs, traditions and self-concepts get in the way.

So should we throw them all overboard?


One coaching belief is that unless you learn to love your past, you will not be able to let it go and daringly design your destiny.

You can't let go of what you don't love first.

Letting go of past baggage does not necessarily mean that it was bad. To the contrary - learn to love those past memories (the good, the bad and the really ugly) for the rich learning they provided you with. But be selective about which pieces of past learning you take with you on your future journey.

The others?

You may polish them up and put them in your mental museum and go and visit them from time to time, if you really feel like it.

To acquire wisdom - learn to let go.

Learn to travel light.

Be very choosy about which beliefs you allow to form your future destiny.

The more you let go, the lighter you travel, the more you will become attractive to great new opportunities.

They say that's why angels can fly - they take themselves very lightly !

True elegance combines simplicity with complexity to create beauty!

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