Effortless Elegance

What does it take to succeed easily, effortlessly, elegantly ?

In order to succeed with elegance, we need to have a reserve - an inner reservoir of power.

Not too much, not too little - just the right reserve to provide us with the peace and uncluttered focus we need to succeed.

In his superb book "Half Time", Bob Buford tells a short story about Konosuke Matsushita, the chairman of the Japanese Matsushita company.

As Buford says, "Matsushita follows the practise, not uncommon in Asia, of retreating to his garden from time to time in order to live a contemplative and reflective life. "

And, according to Buford, the effect of this garden time is quite powerful: " When Matsushita walks into a room, the awe is palpable. Without saying a word, he bespeaks a powerful centeredness and elegant reserve."

This type of inner reserve does not need to demand respect.

It attracts respect, like a strong, powerful magnet.

For himself, Buford has learned from this to take time out to reflect, to get away from the business bustle. "My few hours of uninterrupted reading and thinking are the wellspring from which I draw living water to nurture the activities of the rest of my week".

What a change of perspective from the usual objective-setting game we normally get caught up in!

Instead of pushing ourselves to achieve, we might be better off by taking time out of our hectic schedule to get quiet, understanding who we really are, and by strengthening our personal magnet, attracting success effortlessly.

Now that's elegance !

And if we should go ahead with our plans and objectives, let's make sure we scatter some sunlight on the path before us, sprinkle stardust and magic to the people around us, and radiate light, peace and healing to the four corners of the world.

Let's increase our inner reservoir of energy, light, and lightness - and allow ourselves to succeed with elegance !