The Powerful Secret Of Elegance

What sets successful leaders apart from the rest?

There are many different surveys and lists on the keys to successful leadership. Some of the lists make intuitive sense. And some feel like someone desperately had to fill just one more column in a glossy magazine. Through our research, we have identified the following keys to success.

Which of these success keys are you currently using?

1. Strong Foundation

Highly successful leaders are absolutely clear about their identity – who they are, what they are here for and where they are going. They have a deep, strong personal foundation and a tremendous trust in life, themselves and their relationships. Out of this trust, they have developed a strong sense of self-worth and self-respect.

2. Healthy Lifestyle

They live a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. They look after themselves and their families well. Highly successful leaders tend to be mentally, physically and emotionally fit and seldom ill. They handle stress and problems well. When problems arise, they usually make sure that they solve them once and for all.

3. Authentic Presence

These leaders are real characters! They have a strong personality and are absolutely authentic. They love what they are doing. They live in the present moment and manifest the achievement of their objectives in the ‘here and now’.

4. Designed Destiny

Highly successful leaders take on full responsibility for their life. They are die-hard optimists with an ‘everything is possible’ attitude. They are constantly moving forward to the next project. They always get up again if they should stumble. They have crystal-clear goals, as well as a huge passion for life.

5. Clean Conscience

Really successful leaders have a clean conscience. They have no skeletons rotting away in their closets. They have got rid of all guilt, forgiven those who may have wronged them, made peace with their past, and celebrate the present. They have clear-channel relationships and have set up their life to be a guilt-free zone.

6. Spiritual Awareness

Highly successful leaders are spiritually aware. They have made peace with life and have learned to go with the flow. They have developed a healthy, trusting relationship with themselves, the world around them and their Creator. Ultimately, many really successful businesspeople say that their deep spirituality is the true source of their success.

7. Maverick Leadership

They are real mavericks and charismatic leaders. At a young age, they were frequently the leaders of the pack. They are frequently at the centre of the action, building strong, cohesive business communities. They truly care for others. The super successful earn the right to lead by exuding a strong personal presence and a natural sense of authority, positively impacting their environment.

8. Focused Energy

Successful leaders focus their energy well and never waste their power. Their hearts, minds and environment are uncluttered. They have learned to manage their state and put themselves into peak form in an instant, if required. They have learned to leverage small efforts and investments into great results. They are usually financially independent and have developed strong business systems that allow them to earn their living elegantly. At the same time, they frequently surprise their environment by ‘going the second mile’, giving more than was expected.

9. Intuitive Insight

Highly successful business people rely on their intuition when making a decision. They know their own needs, values, drivers, resources and thinking patterns well. They are clear about the contextual influences they are active in and are thus quick to decide. Their ability to act based on their intuitive insight, their ‘sixth sense’ or ‘gut feelings’ sets successful leaders apart from the rest.

10. Professional Attitude

The really successful leaders tend to own (a substantial share in) their own businesses. They have moved from compensating jobs to being entrepreneurs. They have switched from consumerism to ownership. They have shifted their approach from selling hours to leveraging their business system. As true professionals, they are highly dedicated, committed and often sticklers for quality, constantly improving themselves and their business.

11. Focused Action

They have a clear focus on what it is they want to achieve. They keep a ‘big picture’ approach to business and don’t lose themselves in the details. Successful leaders consistently take action on their plans and objectives, creating momentum to propel themselves forward towards success. They focus on earning their income elegantly and have fun doing so.

12. Social Activity

Really successful leaders are socially active and well integrated. They have acquaintances in all social spheres and actively nurture healthy relationships. They share their wealth, offer support and get involved in charitable activities. At the same time, it is often true that the really successful leaders do not ‘need’ others, in many ways. They are self-sufficient, even independent of the opinions of others.