Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Selective Success

Elegance stems from the word "eligere", which means to select, elect, choose.

Elegant success comes from being selective about

- what objectives we commit to
- what people and organizations we get involved in
- what we spend our time and energy on
- what effect we allow our success to have on our life

Many business professionals reach their objectives - and still don't feel successful or satisfied. To the contrary - many fall into a depression after reaching their business or life goals.

Why ?

One of the reasons is that we often focus on the outer form of our objectives, rather than the essence and the effect of what we wish to achieve.

We focus on the result instead of the experience.

And if we were to spend time to get clear about the essence and effect of our true objectives in business and private life, we would often find that they are quite easy to achieve. A lot of the frenzied action will fall away, once we elect to get clear about the effect.

Elegant success means putting our full force into achieving the essence of what we really want or need - and letting go of unproductive, unnecessary (but often "urgent") activities.

Elegance in business allows us to focus our energies and achieve great feats without burning out.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

What Is Elegance?

In her book on ELEGANCE, Kathleen Tessaro describes many different elements of elegance, coming closer and closer to the essence of the meaning of the word.

The most interesting points for me were her following observations:

Elegance is more art than science. It is impossible to copy - it is unique.

Fashion does not equal elegance. For an individual to be elegant may require that he or she decides against conforming to fashion dictates, deciding to develop their own taste, style and form of expression, instead.

Fashion may indeed be the opposite of elegance. True elegance easily lives on when fashion has come and gone.

As Kathleen puts it: "Fitting in is for school-girls. Being different is not a crime, but an asset."

Discretion is the cornerstone of elegance - a discerning spirit that decides swiftly, precisely and wisely. And sometimes wise decisions are based on learning from our worst mistakes.

Ultimately, elegance means naturally being your true self right now.

Not following the latest fashion, nor ascetically simplifying your life to death.

But being your very best you - right now.